How many of you miss Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries?

This is one of the only Tv shows that I watch at the moment and the Character of Elena Gilbert was my favourite. I've been watching this season and I feel like I'm just waiting for Elena scenes (which were the only reason I was watching the show) and they aren't coming. I hear her name but I can't see her character and I don't think I like it!


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  • I miss Elena (Nina dobrev), but the show is plenty of entertaining still without her to me. The heretics storyline is pretty interesting so far. And it gives other characters a few chances to get some story development going.

    Most of each season was rescuing Elena or dealing with a way to figure out how to save Elena in some form or fashion, not that I hated any of that, but the change is kinda good for now to me.


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  • It's always super weird and unsettling to adjust to a show where an important character leaves... especially the lead and especially after there has been more than one season of the show. That's like a huge change. Regardless of whether the lead character is well-liked, the entire dynamic and heart of the show shifts without the person. It's hard to get into it. People hated on Elena so much, but I didn't mind her. I loved her chemistry with Stefan too. How have the latest episodes been without her? I didn't try watching. Are the episodes/plots still interesting?

    • They are still interesting. I like the Bonnie Damon dynamic and the Caroline/Stefan story line. I always liked the side story lines but it's like okay all this is happening and I hear about Elena in almost every scene... so I want to see her now. It's not that the other characters have bad story lines or are boring. It's that I feel like Elena tied all the story lines together. Her character may have been a little annoying at times but she is the ideal nice girl, girl next door etc. Her character has chemistry with EVERYONE. The show lost that connection I think.

    • Wow that was a beautifully accurate assessment on Elena's role. Everyone on that show knew each other/met each other because of Elena. She did have a 1on1 with pretty much every character. Dang.

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  • Pffff no. I don't miss her at all, I'm glad she's gone. I really hated Elena, she was super annoying.

  • I don't. :D


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