singer looking for songwriter?

So, I'm 16 years old and live in Indiana. My dream is to sing. I'm in choir, I have taken lessons, but I can't write songs. I need a professional songwriter or someone who dabbles in songwriting to help me write some songs to send into labels. If our song did become a hit, or I don't know, I would want someone who was committed to a career in music. I need someone serious and not creepy. I'm 16 so I don't need someone like 30. Also, I'm into hip hop, pop, indie, alternative, etc. But, I need help pursuing my dream. Please.


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  • I'm not here to offer, I am here merely to warn. You say no one over 30, but you never know if someone is lying about their age. A 22 year old woman could secretly be a 60 year old man.


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  • Choir? Church choir?

    What do you think of my songs?

  • Probably your best bet is to have a look at musicians/songwriters forums to see if there is anyone who could suit your requirements.

  • I'm a songwriter but I'm not interested. Good luck and make sure if you find someone make them sign a legal contract.


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