What Do You Think For a Tattoo?

What Do You Think For a Tattoo?
So, since I was five I've wanted a yin yang tattoo. So you can't tell me I haven't put a lot of thought into getting one. (I would have wanted it earlier but I didn't realise that it wasn't only mums and uncles who could get tattoos until I was five)

Anyway, Mum gave me the advice to not get just a simple yin yang, but something a little different. Unique with a little character.

And, well, I found it.

This isn't going to change my mind, but I want to know what you think of it? It's going to be about the size of my palm, on my hip so it's easy to hide. This'll be my first tattoo.


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  • Before you get it make sure you have some badass super amazing story about why it is important to you in case someone asks haha.

    • Heh, it's more of a sob story than a super amazing story XD but yeah. I will never get a tattoo that doesn't have meaning behind it.

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  • I like it - I think it looks good


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