What do you think of this family from the show Alaskan bush people?

Have you ever watched this show?
ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE? on discovery channel.

This is is a family living in the bush. It's on season 3.
So fake. The family members are all dumb. I think the father is just a bum ! He's a lazy scum bag taking advantage of the government. He won't work. Never has never will. He uses his kids to do all the work.
They ran to Alaska to squat on free land so they can live free. Has nothing to do with liking life in the bush. Has everything to do with being a retarded lazy bum looking for a free ride. He makes Alaskans look bad. The kids are stupid omg. Your thoughts?


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  • I agree, i much prefer shows like "Alaska the Last Frontier"...

    • Un real ! What a bunch of mental cases. I could laugh at their ridiculous bs all day.
      5 year olds.
      The daughter ( Merry Christmas raindrop something )? Omfg !!!
      Retarded. Im glad im not a Brown living in brown town in my tire house or hole in the ground. Lmfao

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