Blockbuster (at least the one near me) went out of business. Where to rent movies?

Netflix doesn't have the movies I want to watch (and they're movies I've not seen but want to watch of course). Blockbuster, at least the one near me, went out of business, where do I go, to watch those movies?
How far back does redbox go with their movies though


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  • Omg I didn't even know Blockbusters still existed majority of them shut down a few years ago.

    Anyway I get movies from Family Video, Redbox, Netflix, and the library.

    • How far back do thy all go, with their movies

    • Family video pretty much has everything from old classics to the latest ones.

      Netflix is pretty random there's a bunch of movies but they may not necessarily have what you want and it's not a store it's an app you can watch it on your phone, computer or through the Wii or Xbox.

      Redbox doesn't go back to far they just pretty much keep the mist recent movies maybe a year back at the most. It's not a store they're located pretty much everywhere and cost like $1.30

      The library honestly I can't say because library's are different they usually have really old movies as well as some more recent ones. You might have a better/larger library in your area than another one if that's the case you can always put a movie on hold and they'll send it to that library for you to see.

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  • Try Redbox if you have any where you're at, I find them in grocery stores and walmarts mostly.

  • Ummm... redbox? I love blockbuster but they went out of business...


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