Does the singing for fun make me better at it?

I noticed my earphones a lot... and pretty much sing all day when i listen to music weather its English or kpop and stuff... even when i go places... does that make me better at singing and my voice? My voice is thick, thats shat i hate...


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  • hmmm... I guess but I don't think it work like that!


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  • It trains your ear, but as far as quality goes, you'll need to be taught or born with some talent.

    Don't worry, nobody cares if you can't sing.

    • I can... what do u mean it trains ur ear? What do u mean born with talent? How? And how do they teach me

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  • Once you enjoy it that is the main thing

    • I love singing... ifs a great way to release emotion... certain songs.. but id wish that my voice was a bit less thick... but id say im pretty good..

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