Anyone else incredibly disappointed with the ending of the legend of korra?

Tbh I only watched the first season, but I have heard all about the end and I saw the final scene. I was beyond disappointed and don't even want to finish the show now. Korra was a badass character who was clearly straight the whole time, and then the producers just threw in a few hints and the ending was like "suprise! She's lesbian!" It doesn't fit at all. I don't have anything against gays, I could care less, but they shouldn't just throw a curve ball like that at the end. It is so confusing and slightly annoying when a heterosexual character randomly becomes homosexual. Like wtf? Is anyone else this disapointed?


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  • NOOO! don't tell me! I haven't catch up! i was at the part where she starts dating that one guy... and something about her jumping in to stop the guys that don't want people to have powers or whatever... its been awhile!


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  • I was disappointed with the ending, but not for that reason. I just feel like they rushed the battle. It should have been more drawn out like the ATLA ending.

    As far as Korra being with Asami, there were context clues all throughout the third season for them being interested in each other.

  • I heard about it and I think it isn't necessary to put that in a kids television show.


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