Does someone know how to shade the eyelid? helpp?

Does someone know how to shade the eyelid?? helpp?


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  • Nobody "needs" to shade their freakin' eyelids.

    • I would like to shade you eyes with oil paints

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  • Where is your light source? With any shading and shadowing you first need to decide where the light source is and stick to it.

    • ah that's what i always forget to think. even if i do decide the light source, i still find it hard to shade the color of skin

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    • okayy thank you once again! :)

    • No worries :)

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  • wow... did you draw that? Waht did you use?

    • yes. my first attempt after abandoning my passion for a long time hehe

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    • Its oil painting 😁 NOOO but now you just mentioned it I would like to have my own art studio which will cost a lot of money omg 😭😭

    • oh awe i thought you already did

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