Can someone do me a favour?

i play the ourworld game :/... lol and i need gems and coins but whenever i try to get it by this website they say that these offers aren't availible in my region,
can someone do this for me? i will be very thankful for that i will give the username too


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  • just a heads up, any websites that offer you free gems, or anything that its meant to be earned in game or bought, is 99.9% of the time a scam. You watch and do hundreds of surveys and such and you end up loosing than gaining. You loose you're personal info to 3rd party companies (the companies that ask for your info for rewards or coupons etc.), and, you don't get what the original website you went into promised you. In other words, the owner (s) of the website gets money for you watching/doing surveys from their website, but you get nothing in return.
    Don't be naive.
    Nothing is really 'free'

    • You'r right. i should just ignore it then, no need to earn gems
      Thanks for the good advise.

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  • It works for me here in US

    • can you do it for me? if i give you the username?

    • It might be a scam, I'd be wary

    • yeah well nevermind now im aware of that :) thanks anyways

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  • You could try using a VPN. You should be able to access it then.


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