Best outback gun? 12g, 50 bmg, .308, 223, 7.69X39, 22LR, 9mm, 44 mag?

pick one and remember, you're on foot! you need to hunt for food and bears are lurking.

you're with 4 survivors and you'll be found in 7 days.

lost in north American rockies.


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  • I'll take the 308. It's what my father used.


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  • .22 is not going to do a damn thing to bears but piss them off, .50 bmg is a lot of weight to carry for a week on foot, I am not that good with a shotgun. I also don't see hunting with a 9mm or 44 mag working so well. Ideally I would have my modified 5.56/.223.


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  • There's not even a choice here. If you are facing down a bear, you need a rifle, not a pistol, so 9mm, 44 Mag, and obviously.22LR are out.

    You might survive with a shotgun with the right assortment of ammo (slugs and buckshot for big game [mostly to fight them off] and birdshot for food - assuming you know how to hunt and dress game already), but shotgun ammo is incredibly bulky and heavy, so you can't carry very much of it (maybe less of an issue if you can spread it around 4 people). But even slugs are not going to kill a bear quickly - they don't penetrate deeply enough to do that.

    So, we're looking at rifles. And there, neither.223 or 7.62x39mm are going to penetrate enough to incapacitate a bear (both rounds were chosen based on being effective on human-sized animals - they'd be enough for deer). And while a 50 BMG could kill anything in the woods if you can make contact, its far too heavy and too slow to bring on target given that the woods prevent you from using it from long distance - which is what it was designed for.

    No, the only intelligent option (other than perhaps the shotgun) is, as @douride2 and @SmoMan already said, the.308 Win - ideally in an AR10, SR26, or FN SCAR, but an FN FAL, HK 91, or M14 would also be good choices. I wouldn't choose a bolt-action in a survival situation if I had the choice.


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