VIP for concert?

There's a concert coming up next that i want to attend. Its $50 for the VIP package that includes a ticket to GA, poster signed, meet and greet, vip laminate, and photo opportunity. It starts 90 minutes before the show which doors open at 6:30 p m. Regular tickets are $22 but with service charge, tax comes to $30. Is the vip worth it?
The band headlining is August Burns Red and Everytime I Die. With Stick to Your Guns and Polyphia as the opening act. August Burns Red is the band doing the vip package. I never been to a metal concert before so kinda nervous about it. August Burns Red is my favorite band so i wanna go.


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  • Oh totally. For $28 more, there's no doubt in my mind that it's worth it. If you really like the artist, that is.


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  • depends, who is it and where's it at?


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