How can I update from iOS 6 to iOS 7 or 8?

Okay, so before anything, I already know that I'm a a dummy when it comes to stuff like updating and you know, these stuff. Ever since I purchased my iPhone 5, I never updated it, so things started changing and apps started limiting iOS 6 users, so I, too, started thinking about finally updating. To me, it's not as simple and easy as a click of a button or a finger touch on the screen. The thing is, I can't understand the process. Like does updating delete the apps and the data and the notes and all my photos and recordings that I once had? This is what I really want to be answered; it's what matters most to me. I already backed up my iPhone but do not know how to extract the files or view them to check that everything is there. Can someone bear with me and my questions and explain this to me? If be most thankful. Please do not ignore.


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  • I never heard of losing your data during an update but it may be possible. There are 2 ways to update: with itunes or just from your iphone. First just turn on your wifi on your phon and make sure it is charging so it doesn't lose its charge while updating. 3g is not good use wifi. Go to settings and find the software update button. It should be under about i think depending on your ios version. This will search if your phone can update to the latest ios. U can't choose an ealrier version unless u know how but ts more complicated. The lates ios is 9 i think. it should hav instructions for u to install the new update and just wait fo it to do its thing. It will a bar showing its progress and then shutdown and reboot and will be updated.

    • sorry it should be under settings app then general tab. Click software update.

    • Thank you so much for the detailed explanation! That's something I actually needed. So to avoid losing data, I soulf back up before updating and extract the backed up files right? After extraction they're mere documents and files on the computer; what should I do if I want to restore everything back on the iPhone once it's done updating? Also, how long does it take to update?

    • Ok well i have never done a backup before so i couldnt tell u lol. But the update shouldn't effect your file. It should just update the ios and everything all your apps and stuff will stay there. The update usually takes 15-20 mins depending on your connection and type of device u hav.

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  • Updating doesn't delete anything from your phone. If anything it will only add things & fix them but you should definitely check the Apple website.


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  • Apple offers the update to iOS 9 on their support site and it seems free. as for losing your data; it's possible and likely that any game data or data that is just for an app would be lost. But that is mainly because Apple has done a poor job of updating. However backing up your iPhone may not work unless you know for sure you can upload those things to the iPhone when they're not there.
    First make sure you can actually upload all the backed up data. Then make the update if you have to.

    • I see, but I can't seem to view my backed up files to make sure everything's there. How do I do it?

    • My real advice: buy an Android. It's cheaper.

    • But I do have a phone; I just want to update it is all. I know androids are much more practical, but I already have a phone right now which is working just fine.

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