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Okay, so I'm asking this here, because I don't have an account on any other question site, and I'm far to lazy to make one.


I have decided that I really REALLY wanna learn how to do 3D animation. Like, badly. But the programs are of course insanley expenssive. (I've seen a few places to get them for free, but I don't ACTUALLY want my computer to get some virus and crash from that).

Now for the most part, the programs I've looked at seem to cost anywhere between $500- $2000, not including any extra bits that the program doesn't already come with. So of course, because I'm a 17 year old girl, I don't just carry around that kind of cash. I'm looking for a job currently to pay for that because I refuse to ask my parents for that kind of money. (Well any money, I've never even asked them for $5)

Anyway, my question is, that because those softwares are so expenssive, I don't want to just drop $1000 on something that turns out to be complete crap. So if any of you have suggestions as to which would be a good program to get, I would really love to hear it. <3


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  • There are some good free ones and you don't have to worry about getting viruses as long as you get it from the actual site. I'd stay away from sites like mediafire those are ticking time viruses or anything shady.
    What I usually do is I'll type in the name of the program on google then type in a space and after the name just type in wikipedia. Those software programs should have a wikipiedia page and through wikipedia it will direct you to the name of the actual website.
    I go this from yahoo answers
    okay so lets say one of the names of the programs on there was anim8or then you would finds its wiki page and on the right hand side it tells you its legit website where you can download it.
    I hope this helps sweetheart <3

    • you think I would of thought of that myself... but no... :3 thanks though <3 it actually was very helpful, though even with the free ones I'm starting to look at Modo just because it seems to really support the specific type of animation I want to do, as well as others :3

    • Your welcome sweetheart <3 I am glad I could help.

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  • If you want to do it seriously, you will have to invest, of course. You need to learn a lot of things and buy some software. No matter if it is a simple 3D modelling tool or such a complex thing as the software from
    you will have to pay money for it because every good thing costs something

  • 3d animation isn't a pick up and go kind of application, it's a really difficult skill to acquire. The software (s) are never user friendly and require a lot of training.

    You can use any of these
    if you want to start small, try the freeware ones.

    • oh yeah I've heard that about it, I was watching some tutorials on it (just to kind of try to get a better understanding of the process) and the first thing people were saying is that it was hard, but I still wanna learn :3 ^^ Thank you for the list <3

  • Personally I use cinema 4d but I heard blender is good and it's free

  • Have you checked blender?

  • Well the ones from autodesk like 3ds max and maya are the top of the range studio quality stuff. But if u r looking for more affordable u can start with blender which i think is still free and there are other ones. I didn't use them much but i think blender would be your better choice to start to learn. But if u want all the features thn go for autodesk ones. There is also rhino i think and others.


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