Who are your favorite anime heroes?

Mine Are:
1. Alucard-Hellsing Ultimate
Who are your favorite anime heroes?
2. Sawa-Kite
Who are your favorite anime heroes?
3. Motoko Kusanagi-Ghost in the shell
Who are your favorite anime heroes?
4. San-Princess Mononoke

5. Seras Victoria -Hellsing Ultimate

6. D- Vampire Hunter D

7. Guts-Berserk

8. Kenshiro-Fists of the North Star

9. Goku-DBZ

10. Jubei-Ninja scroll

there's a lot more, but those are my top ones <3


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  • My favorites are:
    Ai Enma - Hell Girl
    Edward Elric - FMA
    Yato (and Yukine!) - Noragami
    Yuko - xxxholic
    Soul - soul eater
    Saki Hanajima - Fruits Basket

    And I have more but that's all I can think of right now!


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1-5: Guts - Berserk

    He may not have some of the ridiculous powers other anime characters often get (coming back from death or near death all the time is a common one) but is still unbelievably badass. The 100 soldiers scene and severing his own arm, for instance.

    Not to mention he actually has a story and personality. It would have been easy to turn him into a dumb chunk of meat, but he's surprisingly well-developed as a character.

    • Very well developed, and in the amine especially he has one of the saddest and most intense stories ever!
      And yeah, he is supposed to walking between the living and the dead.

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    • Agreed. Not to mention how well-developed several others were, like Griffith and Casca. Some, like Judeau, could have used more story, but Berserk is still a 9/10 anime and remains my favorite.

      In addition, thanks for MH!

    • Yeah, most were devoloped enough to really hate to see what became of them. Casca is one of the best, even like her after eclipse when she never talks again.

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