Who would win in a fight John Paul Jones or Edward Teach (Blackbeard)?


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  • Admiral Cohrane would destroy them both


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  • JPJ, hands down.

    A better question is how John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin's bassist, would fare against Blackbeard.

    • They team up and rule the world through rock and buy a stairway to heaven.
      I prefer battle of evermore though as a tolkien fan

    • Though geddy lee is a better bassist, He plays bass, sings, and plays keyboard like a god AT THE SAME TIME

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  • Edward Kenway. He could solo them both.

  • Who is John Paul Jones? Edward all day.

    • John Paul Jones is the father of the American navy and Grade A Badass, He actually invaded england during the revolution,

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    • nope mano e mano

    • John Paul Jones had what a musket and a saber? He'd probably win if he could hit Blackbeard from a distance with it. All Blackbeard would have is his flintlock which has little trajectory and the aim is bad. No to mention the gun is basically useless after one use. If Blackbeard could get in close then I think he'd have a chance.

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