What is sketching? Compared to drawing?

What is sketching? I wanna be a artist as a drawer of characters (anime) and objects and stuff.. but i love sketching! In my drafting class, the teachers always tells me to draw my lines with one drag and not sketch them... in class i sketch/draw on my text book whatever comes in mind, i just begin with some lines and it just alpears into something or just a tatoo if i color it dark and make it sharp. ...


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  • I go to an art and design school, and most of us here would consider sketching as rough drawings, with loose lines. Kind of like rough ideas of how your final piece is going to look like. Professors at my school often want to see rough sketches of ideas we have for projects before we go ahead and work on them. So, not complete drawings, just basic outlines and figures. I hope that kinda makes sense.

    • It does! And i just love to sketch... its cool lol.

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  • sketching is planing it out while drawing is actually creating it.

  • Sketching is kinda like a rough draft before you draw it.


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