What is your favorite piece of artwork?

It can be anything you consider artwork.
What is your favorite piece of artwork?
I love comic and popular art the most.


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  • It won't let me paste it here but Edward Munch's 'The Heart'. He is know. For The Scream but I've been to his museum in Oslo (and seen the scream three days after they recovered it) but the heart really spoke to me. He also has lots of paintings of a redhead he was in love with that are quite memorable.

    • I know the scream, i will look uo the heart.

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    • Actually Starry Night is owned by MoMA and currently on display in NYC.

      The paint is in globs with rich texture I've always heard. Much better in person than the stupid Mona Lisa.

    • Yeah, I knew Starry night was supposed to be on display. That is one of his most famous pieces.

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