What does my taste in music say about me to you?


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  • You like rock and I like your style!


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  • That you listen to the mawkish alternative whiners that killed what brief mainstream popularity metal bands got. So yeah, not fond of you. (;

    • If you think that metal would ever have been popular with all the elitism from both the bands and the fans, then I got some bad news for you.

      Not only that, but most normal people don't enjoy screaming or loud, heavy breakdowns.

      ^ Would never be popular.

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    • For that matter, how did the public ever tolerate the tuneless screams and shitty distortion of Nirvana? It's not like they would be any more palatable to the average joe than any given metal band.

    • Age: 17

      Let's pretend that people like Metallica weren't elitist as fuck, and let's pretend that anyone today would listen to any of the subgenres of metal outside of white males in suburban areas, especially the more hardcore subgenres, lol.

  • My first concert was Thursday.

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