Why do some people hate popular things?

I decided I'd make a thread on a question I've always asked but never got an actual answer for: Why do people hate popular things?

Whenever I go watch a video of a famous Celebrity I always find comments that find ways to dislike the famous person, most of the times they can't find an answer but sometimes they say they hate the celebrity because of their fans, meaning someone is being hated for the actions of others, sometimes it's for legitimate reasons but most of the times I find the reasons more of a form of cyberbullying.

The same goes for popular movies and games, examples are Frozen and The Last of Us. People consistently hate them for their ongoing popularity, why is it that so many hate for popularity? These people often find the smallest things to argue about, it just feels to me like people feel a form of jealousy for not being one of the first people to watch the movie or play the game before it became mainstream.

So what do you guys think on this topic? Do you know why people might hate things for their popularity? Is it a legitimate reason to hate something? Have you ever found yourself disliking something due to it's popularity?

I myself not a huge fan or Justin Bieber or The Last of Us but I respect their fans' opinions. As long as people respect my opinion, then I'd respect theirs.


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  • I agree with your last sentence.

    I guess some people are jealous, judgmental, petty or just plain ignorant.

    I don't think I've ever hated someone or something for being popular but I have disliked a few things. But I've never actually commented online about it.

    • yeah. When i dont like something i dont ever post it online. And the other guy called me a bitch about it. F that guy. In a way i kinda support the JB fangirls more because haters are so rude.

    • why exactly someone would upvote his opinion is absurd

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  • I lost you at respecting the opinions of Justin Bieber fans. loooooool

    • i never said i liked him. I just acknowledge that his fangirls have feelings too.
      But i guess you're one of those people who hate on everything.

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    • only giving you the MHO because i want the XPER points and there's no other comments from guys here

    • Give a fuck! hhahaha

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  • because all the new things coming out right now that are becoming soo popular are really not as good and nowhere near as amazing as some make it out to be. like the movie frozen, i dont hate it but i dont get the hype. seen it ones and that was enough for me. and i dont think it compares to the classic disney princess movies. or justin bieber, he is soo overrated. i liked him when he justtt started out i thought he was a cute kid and was rooting for him, but then he let the fame get to his head, started acting like a wigger, and i just can't stand him now. or like the kardashians for example i just caaant. kim got famous from sucking dick, got surgery on EVERYTHING but of course claims its all real (just like her sisters, who go from having a pancake ass to an oversized one within months and try to say its from workouts. just be honest How stupid do they think we are), and is now married to someone who's somehow even more obnoxious then her. i just can't. or social media like instagram. just why. why do you want to ALWAYS be updated on what everyone is doing and why would you want to put all your business online like that.
    its not that i hate everything thats new, i just hate how ridiculous everything is. i used to love social media during MySpace days, i loved celebrities who were popular back then, i loved some older movies when they just came out, but these days celebrities have no talent, movies are alright (the one that i LOVED though was straight outta compton) and the music sucks.

  • I think they're called hipsters, right?

    If I dislike something it's because its bad and I don't see why something like that is appealing to people... not because it's popular so I'm going to say I don't like it. That doesn't make any sense.

  • Because popular thing get anyoning n feel like they are giving what the audience want not what the artist wants!

  • conformity is boring


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  • I've never read Harry Potter, because I assumed it was fantasy pulp fiction.

  • Part of it might be a non-conformist thing; wanting to be different, apart from the mainstream. Some people may think that anything mainstream is lame.

    When 'Breaking Bad' first started on tv, I didn't watch it at first because I misunderstood its popularity. I thought people were into it because it was about drugs but there's actually a good story behind it.
    Another popular show is 'Game of Thrones.' I watched the first couple of episodes but it didn't interest me.

    My point is that you can't judge something based solely off of its popularity or lack of popularity. Some things are validly popular while others are just hype, and what is considered good/bad will vary from person to person.


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