Who wants Sonic the Hedgehog to be on PS4 or Xbox One :) ?


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  • Sonic used to be sweet back in the days of SEGA...

    Now, especially since Nintendo took over, the series is really corny and lame in my opinion.

    I remember an old Sonic cartoon series that was on TV when I was little and man, it was rad! Something to do with him being a part of this group they called the "freedom fighters" and fighting Dr. Robotnic and his robot army in this cool futuristic/industrial setting... and it had a running story. Sonic's "cool" image wasn't forced and he was much cooler because of it, and it wasn't purely aimed at young kids, I don't feel... I'd probably enjoy that particular series to this day!

    • It's not Nintendos fault that sonic got so damn awful. When SEGA went out of business or whatever happened, the Sonic devs had to lay off the geniuses that worked the magic.

    • Thanks for MHG!

      That may very well be true @Amplify... I don't know the full story.

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  • don't really care about sonic.

    I'd like spyro, ratchet and clank, Sly Cooper and God of war on the Xbox. That would be cool.


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