Any fans of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures out there? What do you think of my art?

Any fans of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures out there? What do you think of my art?

Yeah, it's a JoJo OC, with his own Stand and everything. 😂 I've attempted to incorporate some elements from Araki-sensei's art style, especially the fashions and design aesthetics of his Stands.

So does it work? Does this dude look like he could've walked out of the world of JJBA?
Yes, I know I'm being paranoid for adding text over a photo of unfinished artwork. But apparently I'm now good enough to steal from, so better safe than sorry.


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  • Holy mother of Jojo, I wish I could draw that good OoO. He looks like Kakyoin's brother :D. You get ALL my likes, fellow Jojo fan WRYYYYYY! :D.

    • (*strikes fabulous pose) Thank you!

      And you said the same thing as my friend, lol. I'd meant for this OC to be a Jojo/ Joestar though. Even used Jotaro's eyes as a reference for drawing his... but eh, that's just a small issue of mine. 😂 Glad you like! 😄 (*WITHDRAWS COOLLY)

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    • I see.. so Eyeshield 21 manga it is then :D.

    • (*thumbs up)

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  • I never even seen the anime but helll ya you have a talent! Are u planing to become an anime artist? If you are maybe we could work together and i write the storyplot and you do the drawing and we can make a magna and make an anime series online and become famous!

    • I used to want to become a mangaka, until I realised they didn't have a lot of control over how their work is commercialised. :/ Plus, I just don't have the mental stamina to do 30 pages of drawings daily. So now I aspire to be a writer-slash-illustrator.

      You write stories too? May I see them? :D

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    • Oh, were you watching the one titled 'short trailer' under 'Media'? That's the complete version, and yes, it's even better than some anime trailers I've seen that were sponsored by actual companies. :P

      Uhhh the storyboard is drawn? It's not written. You're probably thinking of the scriptwriter. But you'd be the director if you preferred these roles:

    • lol I am so dumb lol! hahah! than I am a script writer and a director! than you I will be sure to give u credit ! lol !!!

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