Can someone recommend me some good romance animes?

Hello. I'm looking for some animes that focus on teenage love, crush, romance etc. Preferably, with some school ambient. Thanks :)


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  • Hanazakari no kimitachi e
    Hana yori dango
    I couldn't become a hero so I reluctantly decided to get a job
    Red data girl
    Your lie in April
    My teen romantic comedy snafu
    Natsuyuki rendezvous

    • Are these all anime?

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    • Hana yori dango is an anime apparently. But I've only read the manga and watched the dramas so. :T

    • Lol sorry, there's a lag in posting.

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  • Skip Beat


    The One (manwha)

    Dengeki Daisy

    Peach Girl

    Marmalade Boy

    • Marmalade Boy! damn I still need to see that one!
      I have seen all of them but not
      _Marmalade Boy
      Dengeki Daisy-manga - i don't have the time to read but might!
      The One (manwha)-magna ))) I am more of anime kinda of girl
      Do you have anything for me? Magna or anime? because if I am going to read it has to be good!!

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    • Or is the book expensive! But than I would have to buy a lot of them and I don't have room!

    • lol no one has.

      too many mangas out there

  • Haha it's kinda embarrassing but I actually liked Vampire Knight :P

    • I didn't expect this from you Jupiter! :o :D

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    • @Watermelonoma lol I couldn't care less about your silly willy 😝

  • My love story- school romance and a werid protagonist (the the typical guy girls go for)
    lovely complex- school romance and short guy and tall girl fall for each other
    Special A- haven't finish watching but school and smart people and competitive love
    Kimi ni Todoke-shy sweet girl and boy kinda of love at school
    Peach girl- love triangle/ bullying by a girl/ school love
    Also read my mytake!!! I have more in there! But be warn the one that i picked are different feel to it then this list! lol

    P. S. If you know of any or find good anime please tell me! I live for anime! I am a freak! I should really get boyfriend hahah! Anyway!!! yeah

  • @apple24
    Can tell you.

  • Toradora is a teen love story with a bit of humor.


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  • My guilty pleasure is Lovely Complex. It's about the only shojo (if I'm correct) anime I watched and it was just so fun and neat. I remember also starting some cool anime about some knight and a demon princes but I CAN'T for the life of me remember the name of it anymore although I want to see it again. Perhaps you know of it? The demon princes typically dressed in red and had big bewbs.

  • School Days

    It gets apeshit really fast.


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