Funny ideas for sketches?

Hi guys!

I would love to hear some of your ideas, as I'm working on a project. The thing is, we have to repeat the same thing in other words because the point of the assignment is to learn how to use a thesaurus and to expand your vocabulary. I've already used 'to be in love with someone' and other words for 'wife'. Have you got any other words with lots of synonyms that would make a funny situation for a sketch? Thanks!


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  • Me and my friend have a way more fucked up version of this, but:

    -Charlie and his Grandpa (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) in the Fizzy Lifting Room, but the bottles they drink from turn out to be very potent with alcohol and they just get super drunk.

    • Hahaha cool, thanks :) the problem with the assignment is that I have to say the same thing repeatedly with other words, for instance party: bash, hoopla, celebration etc. And that has to be the funny part. So in this case, what word could I use to repeat?

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  • Write some jokes down


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