Someday - Classical Guitar - It's almost complete. How does it sound?

The second half of a song I'm working on. It plays right through to the end. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.


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  • definitely add some percussion, and I don't mean drums, I mean you could have the rhythm guitarist make an actual beat with the hollow body (it has that flamenco feel which is why I'm suggesting that).

    You could maybe add some background vocals, no lyrics, but just as a filler, kind of a "aaaahhhhh" filling the background.

    Otherwise the technical skill (the hammers, pull offs, finger picking) is all great. Kind of makes me want to take up classical again-been playing a lot of blues/rock recently

    • I will definitely add some percussion. I focused more on laying down the progression and putting a lead to it before adding anything else. I never thought of putting vocals into a song of mine. I lean more towards pure instrumental, but since you gave me the idea I may play around with it in Cubase. I was thinking some strings maybe. I do that a lot with my music.

      Definitely pick up your classical :)

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    • I can't remember the classical one I bought. It's somewhere in my parents basement lol. But my electric guitar collection is expansive, because I play from jazz, to blues, to metal. Fender Strat, Les Paul, Ibanez ART and a SG as well.

      But yeah, saving up for a new decent classical guitar as well

    • Sounds like you have a lot of toys :) I gave up everything for the classical guitar I own. I don't regret it. It's been my primary focus since October last year.

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