If a kid gives you a toy phone, will you answer it or take selfies?

my daddy bought me a new phone.. and that phone can shoot invisiable lazers and at the back of my phone there are colourful lights... its such an amazing phone i love it so much... do you want to take pictures with me on my phoneeeei... i can call you also on my toy phoneeei

  • sure i would take selfies
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  • i would talk to you on it.. till the day u die
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  • i wouldn't mind answering it to make a little kid happy
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  • lameness
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  • i don't mind doing anything with a kid ;-)
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my toy phone well make all your dreams... into dreams only (cuz its a toy phone remember)..
sorry i asked this question already once


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  • i would talk to you on it.. till the day u die

  • That's a very cool phone kid.

  • The wink face next to Vote E is not okay.

  • Lol tbh that last option sounds a little pedophile-ish hahaha

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