Do you think it's pathetically funny how all the pathetic UFC Ronda Rousey fanboy/girls are still coming up with excuses on why Rousey was?

utterly dominated and destroyed?

I respect Rousey for her Judo and Ground fighting talent (which is pretty much her only strength in MMA unless she learns how to improve her stand-up very super quick) but I hae no respect for her as a person. She acts like one of those typical American female trolls on the internet who think they're the shit and the world revolves around them. I have even less respect for her retarded fanboy/girls. Not that there's anything wrong with being loyal fans to one favorite athlete but I do find it irritating that they still try to make excuses for her regarding her brutal loss to Holm and overrate her even more than she already is by the UFC. Hell, the UFC or Ronda herself didn't even bother congratulate Holm for her Title victory.

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  • Personally, I'm not a big fan of Ronda. Not only because she has a less-than-appealing personality outside of fighting but also because I tend to dislike fighters that have that one signature move (Ex. Arm bar) that they use to win all of their fights.

    There are speculations that Holly was on steroids while training for this fight which wouldn't surprise me in the least but I think she would have beaten Ronda in a striking match anyway which was Ronda's biggest mistake.

    • Except Holly was never once tested positive for steriods or PEDs in any of her fighting career. She just happens to to be endorsed by a sponsr who sold PEDs. There was no valid proof that she was on them, especially since the UFC often test their fighters. Otherwise, Holm wouldn't have tested clean and been suspended. Most likely just a fabricated excuse made by butthurt Ronda fanboy/girls.

    • It's possible but I'm not so naive to believe that people cannot find new supplements that can get by drug-screens. Like I said, I don't know if Holms took any performance-enhancing supplements and I contend that she didn't need them to beat Ronda standing up. Although, I always keep an impartial opinion on these types of speculations.

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  • She was beat down fair and square. These people are so blind...

  • Even Muhammad Ali lost a fight

    • Yeah but at least he was a good sport about his loss and gave Joe Frazier credit for the intense pressure that he gave. Ronda on the other hand, still refuses to give Holm the credit she deserved and is even afraid to show her face in public (on the media) as often as she usually does. By the way, Ali was no where near close to being utterly destroyed in his first loss against Frazier like Ronda was against Holm.

  • The video made a mistake by saying Ronda is the most dominant female in sports. That's a fucking lie.

    • I think it's funny how everyone too busy ripping on retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr for his trash talking antics and domestic abuse yet Ronda Rousey does the same (She once stated in an interview that she once beat her ex-boyfriend, which many believe is most likely a fake made up story just to boost her own ego and media attention). At least Floyd Mayweather still respects all of his opponents after beating them (including the ones who genuinely hated him like Oscar De La Hoya) and backed up a lot of his trash talking. Hell, Mayweather even offered Ronda Rousey help for her stand-up (after her loss to Holm), even after all the trash talking attempt against him by Rousey herself.

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    • Women's US Soccer team that is.

    • I'm sorry but I don't care how big someone's ego is I'd take that over domestic abuse any day. Sure Holo can play. Ronda can fight. Holo still domestically abused people for a FACT. Ronda we don't know.

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