Do you like stories with a twist check this one out?

I didn't make this i don't know the full thing but i know the main idea of it, i heard it at school. If you know the name of it please tell me.

There was this kid in classs he was working on his class work after school, it was hot so he went to open the window and he saw a picture outside of the window.. he ran outside to see what the picture was. It was a girl holding up 1 finger

Do you like stories with a twist check this one out?
He thought the girl was pretty so he picked up the picture and went around the school asking who the girl was trying to find her and give the picture back, but there weren't many people there so he took it home planning on looking for her again tomorrow.

At night he heard a tapping noise on his window.. he tried to ignore it but the tapping got louder and louder and louder... he got tired of the tapping noise and looked out the window, he didn't see anything but he saw the picture he found at school outside on the floor

He went outside and right above the picture he saw footsteps leading them into the woods.

The next day someone found him dead in the woods, the called the police and his parents had to come id the body, but before the person who found him left, they saw a picture of a girl.

Do you like stories with a twist check this one out?
Holding up 2 fingers.


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  • I guess I'll be the third finger there yeah? She's definitely coming after me in mah sleep and whatnot


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