Am I wasting my time posting covers?

I semi-professionally record music and I like to record songs (mostly covers, sometimes originals) where I do all the instruments myself. Most of what I do are covers of other bands' songs. Is this annoying/overdone/stupid? I mean, nobody really listens to my stuff anyway, but I worry that I'm annoying my friends with covers


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  • It's not a waste of time if they're well done and worth listening too. Bad covers are a waste of time. :)

    Where are they, man? Give us a listen. GAG wants to hear them.

    • Badly done, maybe lol. Just me doing it all myself! Either way, I like them, here you go youtube. com/user/acidvaynes/videos (they won't let me post links yet)

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    • Wow thanks dude. You really made me look at it in a different way. Numb and Everlong, by the way, are songs I did for ailing friends, so they're probably not that great lol. I have a new way of looking at it now though, and I thank you for that

    • Thank you, man. And keep rockin'.

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  • I mean yeah it's kinda useless if you're hoping to make money or something off of it. Go make a band.

    • Was in a band, there's no money in it around here. These I'm doing just for me. But it's nice to have other people appreciate it. I guess that's why I post them

  • Take it from a fellow cover band members. Nobody gives a fuck about our covers. They listen to it cause they literally can't get the origanal

    • Lol do you have videos? I'd like to listen. I dig that kind of thing, but I feel most people don't, as you obviously agree. I don't play live or anything, I just upload to youtube and then share on facebook

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    • I'm sure your not annoying them. Good for you for following your dreams. I'm just killing time. Also your a rock star who gives a shit who you annoy, not like a band like yours has dedicated fans (I don't think)

    • Lol good point. Thanks :)

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