I Saw Insidious and it was not scary, but, I will give you my recommendation for SCARIEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME, WANNA WATCH?

In the early 1990s when I was just a young kid, I was never scared of movies like Candyman, Child's Play, Poltergeist, or Nightmare on Elm Street. Later on, in my Middle School years when "Scream" was famous and I wanted to fuck Neve Campbell very badly, I never found that movie scary either, nor any of the late 90s scary flicks like Blair Witch Project. Later on in College when flicks like Saw 1, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and House of Wax came out, (movies I rented from the campus Family Video to help me get laid with chicks I watched them with late at night snuggled up in a blanket in my dorm), I wasn't scared at all either. Now, heading toward midlife crisis, I find myself depressed for not finding that one truly scary movie. The Omen didn't do it, nor The Rite, nor The Conjuring. Not even any movie in the Paranormal Activity franchise and I just saw Insidious and that wasn't scary either.

However, there was one truly... scary... movie, based on actual events actually, called "The Mothman Prophecies" and I've been trying to find something better than this, could it be The Babadook? Hmm? Maybe I should see Babadook given its high rating on Rotten Tomatos, but right now Mothman takes the award for scariest movie all time. Not only did it have an awesome ending, but it was geniunely creepy, and had a great music score to accompany its creepiness, and guess what, you rarely see any monsters in the movie, or maybe you do, hidden in plain sight...

Here is the trailer, rent this movie and let me know what you think.


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  • Doesn't seem scary at all! Insidious is a boring...


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  • Like scary movies? Try some Truth Bombing Documentaries.

    • Nothing scarier than realizing a small group of elite, rich bastards deciding and plotting the fate of humanity for their own greedy benefit.

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