What do you think about the internet ranting about the movie of the Mad Max: Fury Road on the internet, being a feminist propaganda?

Many of the men on the internet were all ranting and complaining about Mad Max: Fury Road making the movie mainly about the female characters being the heroes taking the spotlight while all the antogonist of the movies are men who are sex slave owners when the movie should be mainly about Mad Max, hence the title of the movie. They even went as far as retitling the movie "Mad Max: Feminist Road".

I can understand why they're ranting since this movie is supposed to be mainly about Mad Max but at the same time, I wouldn't go as far as not giving at least one actress a bigger movie cast role.

  • I think the whole rant was stupid and sexist.
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  • I think the whole rant has many good points.
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  • I think the whole rant has some decent points.
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  • I really don't care about the rant or the movie itself.
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  • Just let them went. They'll claim women are forcing themselves onto men in media but then go home and fap to god knows what.

    • I also noticed that the new and upcoming Star Wars movie is already getting ranted about by certain people for very similar reasons to Mad Max: Fury Road. Apparently, the new Star Wars is "Anti-White" because it's giving black actors bigger roles.

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  • Mad Max was an awesome movie and I loved the fact that he wasn't REALLY the main character, and that black stripey face was... If you think about it, the other girls she was protecting were pretty weak female characters anyway... It wasn't feminist just because it had a strong female lead...

  • I thought that movie was awesome

  • Don't know, don't care

  • My only issue with the film was when the one pregnant girl was saying her child would be ugly because the father was Immortal Joe and the one lady said it might not be ugly because it could be a girl. I just felt like this was supposed to be a jab at men but it had no real reason to be. Plenty of girls grow up looking like their fathers and plenty of guys grow up with their mothers features.

  • Well you really can't argue with their points because they're right. The question is, why do they care? I mean yeah, feminism is pretty over the top and out of control these days but movies like this one are a self-correcting problem. Their novelty will wear off soon enough, people will stop paying to see them so no one will spend the money to make them. Problem solved.

    • And no, it's not "many men". It's a vocal few.

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