What's your favorite jokes and or moments from Family Guy?

I have three 😂😂😂😂

In one episode from the second season, and this chicken suit wear guy was warning Peter and he said Y2K. Peter replied with "Y2K? What are you selling sex jelly or chicken?

The second is a cut away of when Peter ate a something from Willy Wonka and was huge and purple like the girl from the movie. When Willy Wonka says "Are you sure you didn't eat anything?" And Peters like "what are you calling me a liar?" - season 2

And lastly when Joe screamed "How can you afford these things?” when Peter's plane blew up on Joe's yard.


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  • I never watch it


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  • You got the AIDS prom night dumpster baby butscratcher and when Brian owes stewie 50 dollars

    • I forgot about the butt scratcher one lol

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    • That's so funny. I'm totally yelling that at people now 😂😂😂😂

    • Carry on my friend you know what else is fun to yell out loud water melooooooone freaks people out

  • the meg ones xD


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