Terrible stage fright :( Any helpful tips to overcome this?

So I have two upcoming presentations & I just don't know how I'm supposed to get through them. I have a pretty unimpressive track record with presentations and this one is worth 30 percent of my grade so it's absolutely essential that I ace it :) Any helpful tips? Even just visualizing the act of appearing on stage is making me feel nauseous :( I tend to mumble and turn bright red because I just feel everyone's eyes on me which makes me feel so uncomfortable. Anything at all will help because I can't possibly do worse, ahaha :) Also, if anyone is some sort of public speaker I would like to know how you make it seem so effortless. I always watch natural presenters and assume I can do the same simply by knowing my material through & through, but that's simply not the case :P


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  • I found one particular strategy that worked for me. Think of the room and how many people are in it, find one person in each section you can fixate on and as you give your presentation just took that person, they won't know any difference

    • That's a good point :) Eye contact is important (teacher said she'd deduct us marks if we don't maintain it) :) I can always just take a peek at my friend or something ahaha :)

    • That old saying about imaging people in their underwear I don't believe works though so don't use that one

    • I'll imagine them dancing instead ahaha ;) Yeah, I don't think the underwear one works either ahaha :)

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  • I'm not the best person to ask for this, but I'll tell you what I have heard works and has kind of worked for me. I just have a huge fear of public speaking that I haven't seemed to fully overcome.

    - Know your material inside and out. If you feel prepared and like you know what you are presenting, it will be easier to speak about when the time comes. You also won't be as flustered if someone asks a question during your presentation, too.
    - Practice, practice, practice what you are going to say with any slideshows, notes, handouts, props, etc... that you plan on using. Get into the flow of saying what you've prepared, but without sounding like a robot. It wouldn't hurt having a practice audience either, even if it's just one or two people (friends, group members, family...)
    - Once you are presenting, look at the back of the room instead of at people's faces. It's easier to talk to a wall than it is into the eyes of your peers typically. I know that throws me off otherwise.

    Good luck with them!

    • Aww, that's really good advice!! :) Thanks! I'll definitely utilize each one and I guess rehearsal will be good because the minute I go on stage my mind is blank, ahaha :) Thank you so much and hopefully they both go well :)

    • You're welcome. I'm glad I could be of some assistance!

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  • You could try running through the presentation through a Skype call first. I find that helps me because I am able to view what my body is doing

    • That's a really good idea & I never would have thought of that on my own, lol :) Thanks so much! :)

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    • To the point of vomiting

    • Totally sucks having stage fright. Especially when you're doing so well throughout the school year and suddenly your grade drops because of one stupid presentation, ahaha :)

  • They don't want you to fail! Visualize yourself succeeding and practice!

    • Never thought of it that way. Always thought they were out to get me, ahaha :) :P Thanks so much for your help! :)

  • Practice your speech into the mirror... then in front of your family... practice literally makes perfect

    • Yeah, that's a good point :) The only thing is that sometimes it comes off as too rehearsed for me, ahaha :P Any tips on making it seem more natural after all that practice? Thanks in advance :)

    • Okay, don't read the exact script... make notes and elaborate on them aloud

    • Ahaha, will do :) Thanks

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  • I learned to overcome my stage fright once I started singing/performing. I used to hate presentations but now I don't mind them. I'm not saying you should start performing but it's all about mind control. I tell myself to be confident in what I'm singing about and tell myself it's not about myself but about teaching the audience something through my lyrics. Same with giving a presentation. Try focusing on your info and the importance of teaching whatever it is you're presenting rather than what people think of you.

    • Aww, that's really helpful! :) Thanks! I think you're right because when I was watching my classmates watching other presentations, they were mostly focused on the PowerPoint as opposed to the presenter :) Also, glad to hear that you were able to overcome your stage fright as well! :)

    • Glad I can help :)

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