What do you think of foreigner songs?

I like several songs of theirs, my favorites are I don't wanna live without you, I want to know what love is and waiting for a girl like you. They are excellent songs for romantic couples Anyone else?


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  • I love them !!! I like listening to French, Italian, American and British songs. I even have some songs from other countries in my phone

    • I think these three mentioned above are the best ones possibly until the end of time as well. They could be a couples 'song (s)'

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    • If you wanna hear a silly song, but I like it, it's catchy, try dire straits walk of life

    • They're lovely , I really like Lara Fabian (in French) and Eros Ramazzotti (in Italian) :) !

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  • Cold As Ice
    Juke Box Hero
    Waiting for a Girl Like You

    Those are my favorites. I know a few others but they get annoying.

    • Juke Box Hero sounds good really loud on a good system

    • I know. Makes you speed if you're driving too.

    • Oh yeah, don't need anymore speeding tickets!!

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  • I like a few of their songs but they are not one of my fave bands...


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