How to complain in a funny way like stand up comedians for example?

My boyfriend says i complain too much, and i wanna do it but in a funny way... is it possible for me? :)


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  • Give us an example of something that you want to complain about.

    • my girl friend talked bout stuff i dont care at all
      my friends are too saint that it bores me

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    • I just don't really listen my this girl friend because i get automatically bored when she starts telling us what happened us,
      My friends are too saint bc they dont date guys I don't know maybe they're scared of em, they dont drink they dont do anything fun but getting together to have dinner or lunch

    • I have almost no idea what you said other that you get bored when some girl is telling some story.

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  • Just be less serious about whatever you say. Crack a joke or two about yourself to lighten up the mood

  • No, probably not. Comedy is a learned skill though so you can learn it.


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