Do you like this song?

because this is what i think my soul looks & sounds like! I can't stop singing it! hahah! lol (:

This is what I would literally do if i had a music video! hahah!

I asked max but he thought i was a werido! lol hahah!
  • this is freakin weird!!!
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  • I FEEL YA!! lol
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  • er, not my type!!!
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  • I like acoustic music, so this is for me.

    If your interested in music with this type of instrument I personally recommend
    "Punch Brothers - Ride the Wild Turkey"

  • Her voice is eerily like Jewels. Kinda freaky... Unless it is Jewel

    • who is jewels?

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    • As long as you will check out Jewel it will be a fair trade off how's that

    • Okay I will!

  • I liked it has sort of a Tess Parks feel. I never took you for the hippie music type, that's awesome! What's your favorite band?

    • I didn't know it existed I found this yesterday! It changed my life! I always felt that!

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    • Next thing you know you'll be dropping acid and going vegan

    • Oh no... but i really like the music! um... I also like the free style hahah!

  • To me, this song is inspiring and calming.. and if your soul is like that, then I'm glad to be your friend :D.

  • No I don't like it at all.


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