Opinions about my dream career?

I actually have two. I've been wanting to work with Nintendo since I was about 10. Inspired by "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", I've been wanting to make games with them.
For years now, ideas for games have been flooding my mind. Mostly for new Zelda games, my phone having nearly 60 pages of them on my phone's standard Notes app.

One day, a few years ago at most, an idea came to my mind. Why not make up my own game company? This is my second dream.
Why would I want to do this? Because most of my favorite video game are classics. I've seen remakes made in the past, and I have such a very long list of games I would love like crazy to be remastered. One I've been playing lately called "Golden Sun". It's a spectacular game, but oh how much greater the graphics could be...
I'm sure you feel that way about al least one or two games, right? A great game you would love to see remade, playing it again but with intensely better graphics, the previous version being so old?

There are some games literally millions of people would love seeing remade with better graphics, a great example being "Final Fantasy VII" coming again.

So here it is. My dream career;
After working with Nintendo a good bit, I make my own company.
This company does not make games on its own, but teams up with other companies to help rebuild classic games after looking through the internet and having an official game requests website to find the most popular of them.
These games would have so much as tiny adds or tweaks, but all in all they would be exactly the same games with the exception of major improvements in graphics.
Working with any other company, together we will make great of the past popular again!

I even have a name for my company...
"Phoenix Gaming"!

What do you think of my idea? What games do you love and love to be made again?


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  • I think you're not very smart for posting a legitimate business idea online.


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  • Kids want to play their games, not their parent's games so I doubt the market is big enough. Plus why can't can't nintendo just remake zelda on their own which they would've done if they saw any profit potential in it?


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