Who are your favorite youtubers?

nigahiga, joe santagato, tara mongeau, and buzzfeed


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  • Roman Atwood is #1, that dude has it all.
    Nigahiga is great, and also the Fine Brothers, I like their React channel the most.
    FouseyTube is great, and Vitaly used to be great, now it's mediocre.

    But BigDawsTV is awesome too, he's one of my favorite. He doesn't stage anything and he tries to spread positivity with his pranks, and keeping it original. I really like that dude.

    • I used to watch fouseytube , he's hilarious

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  • Joe Santagato, PBG, Markiplier, Buzzfeed, Cryotic, Screen Junkies, and Smosh games.

    • joe is great. have you seen idiots of the internet from his channel?

    • Yes! They're great lol

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  • Elliott Hulse, Vsauce, Lets play, Rob Dyke,


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