Joke : Can you tell me what happened next? Finish this joke?

So can you finish this joke

Peter : " I want my money now!"
Tom : " I'll kill myself so that I won't pay you".
* He pulled a gun and shot himself dead
* Peter : "hahaha... If u think you'll get away with my money you are wrong, I'll follow you until you pay me."
* He takes the gun n shot himself dead as well *
Akpos : Was watching from a distance he laughed and said "These guys are funny, I want to watch this till their end"
* He also took the gun and killed him self *

To know what happened next, you know what to do?

  • Here is a 🔫, shoot yourself and you will know what happened next asker
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  • Okay I am shooting myself
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  • I am gonna shoot my smartphone after I active voice recording and get it remotely uploaded. And download it on my pc.
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  • I love peace
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  • I am a panda beer
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  • I love cookies
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