Would it be ok if I keep my PS4 on this shelf?

I'm only wondering this because I've heard that a PS4 can over heat if it isn't kep in a "nice, open area".


PS: i can move anything if necessary to make room for it.
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  • I keep my PS4 several inches from an edge because if I have the controller plugged in and something yanks on the cord hard it pulls the PS4 about 5 inches forward before the plug comes out. It's rare but my chair grabs mine sometimes and I don't have a wall charger yet. keep it on the bottom shelf, in my opinion.

    • That's what i was planning on doing anyway because it would provide the most airflow, but my buddy (who is a self proclaimed gaming expert) advised against it, and insists that i keep it on top of a small table or night stand.

      But i don't wanna do that because it would take up a lot of unnecessary space.

    • Do what you're comfortable with. Your buddy can stick to his own self proclaimed expert advice. I wouldn't risk it falling. You know your household/lifestyle better than your buddy I would assume.

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