Legend of zelda:What's your favorite getting item song?

Sadly I couldn't write them all in the poll. So I put the ones that are more known. List the ones that didn't make the poll if yours wasn't added. They seriously need to make a poll with 10 slots.

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  • I still find it epic the sounds from OoT and majora's mask.

    It's so... so... dreamy, so fable style, misterious...
    When he opens the great chests, slowly, and the music rises, great add t atmosphere.

  • Was that update with the names requests for answers?

    • yes and that I know u 2 like the legend of zelda games. :P

    • Of course! πŸ˜ƒ
      I'd have to say Link's Awakening. Such an epic game all around! I like the term "Nightmare's Key"! 😈 lol

  • This may be the nerdiest question I've ever seen on here... congrats


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