The price of creativity is madness (crazy)?

Do you agree with that? So like the more creative a person is the crazier they probably are.

Also they can be normal crazy or have a mental disorder that makes them kind of crazy. This website made me think about it, lol.
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  • Crazy people tend to be expressive, and art is about expression, but the one isn't required for the other to exist.

    You can be crazy and not be artistic, you can be artistic but not crazy.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, I believe so. I'm really crazy, but I'm also crazy creative and I do all types of art. Playing instruments, drawing, acting, knitting/crocheting, singing. I do almost all of it. I love to write stories. But I'm messed up so that's where I get my creativity from.


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  • There's certainly a correlation there. Is it causation? I'm loath to say so.


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