How to get signed?

I really want to be a famous singer and get a record label sign. But how?
I've been trying to make songs and put it on soundcloud but so few listeners.
I love making Electro song, using hardcore kick and snares then using trance lead and violin or piano sounds to make it smooth, yet strong and full with emotional.
Sometime, I also use guitar sounds and drums with bass and arp to create a simple music then putting vocal into it.
I really passionate about music and dare to get involve in music industry, but it's just so hard to get the chance.
So would you like to tell me how to start it.


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  • Commercialize yourself. Most artists nowadays don't get famous because of talent but because they sell themselves out.

  • Start a youtube channel. Grow it to an average of 200k views per video.

    • I have a youtube channel. I just thinking about how to make a simple but interesting music video to my songs.
      Or any suggestion about how to make an interesting video?

    • I'd suggest that instead of trying to make things interesting, perhaps you should focus on making it good quality first.

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