Why does this pop up every few seconds?

Why does this pop up every few seconds?
another thing opens Saying google Play services has stopped until I update it... but i can't


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  • I hope you have a backup of your stuff, because the last time this happened to me I had to factory reset.

    • Wtf... I do.. but I don't think I have to reset anything... coz it appears but not to the point that I can't do anything.. it says I have to update google play service.. besides.. everything is on my SD card so I still have all data.. so does that mean I have to reset in order to fix this problem?

    • Oh one time I couldn't do anything, it threw me out of all my accounts and it threw up that dialog every 4-5 seconds. You should get Super Backup when you can and send your contacts/messages to yourself in email.

    • I formated it but I got some weird problem that isn't related to the system.. my sd card has pics and music, but there not showing in the gallery or music app.. but the sd card works coz I can go to files and click on it and see the pictures

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