Why people don't watch TV shows online?

I still don't understand why people struggle to watch TV shows on time? People still seem to struggle with watching their favorite shows. There's on-demand. There's DVR. Then if all that fails there's still watching it online. I mean do you HAVE to watch it live?


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  • I watch my tv shows online all the time. And by recording them.

    • Smart that you are.

    • Well I'm also a college student with basic cable in her dorm house but it's downstairs and I usually don't want to go down there just to watch tv. So I rely on my computer 90% of the time lol

    • lol.

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  • I don't even have a TV anymore. I don't need it. I watch everything online.


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  • Many people watch shows online. More now than ever actually. With networks getting apps to watch shows and Netflix many people don't watch live on tv as much. I am in college and a lot of kids have tvs but still end up watching there shows on the computer or iPad.

  • i do its fun!

    • Yeah it is fun, apple :)

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    • Ah lol. Yeah for sure lol.

    • Yeah if you had long hair you too would want to brush your hair!

  • Yea because it's when it's first on

    • So? So long you get to see it what does it matter if it's live or not?

    • Sometimes not, but with my fave shows I'd like to.

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