What do you think about my intercultural poetry page?

Link: https://www. facebook. com/movimientopoeticointercultural/


Movimiento Poético Intercultural (for its acronym in Spanish: MPI) is a movement that promotes the intercultural nature of poetry.

Poetry reflects the cultural identity of who use it. There may be differences between the different cultures that exist, even though that’s the case, all of them express emotions, feelings, that which characterizes us as human beings and that let poetry be exposed in different cultural contexts, exposing two sides of the same coin, our human experiences.

MPI is the community where you will be able to share your own poems or poems of your favorite poets with people of different cultural origin and lovers of poetry as well, in order to create a poetic intercultural communion.

MPI was created on July 7, 2014


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  • Very cool!

    • Thanks!!! Wow, I got a respond at last O. O

    • You are free to follow the page whenever you want. :)

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