Do romantic movies ever make you angry?

I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's today and realized I'd dated a girl almost exactly like the main character only my ending wasn't nearly as dramatic or happy. When it was over I was furious. I've had a similar response to watching The Fault in Our Stars. Again because I've experienced something similar to a few scenes in that movie and the outcomes were completely opposite. Don't get me wrong I'm not a total Aromantic cynical A-hole I just really hate how so many romantic movies end happily when nothing in the movie would suggest that's the way it would actually happen. My favorite romantic movie is Blue is the Warmest Color because it depicted a real romance and didn't try to sell the audience the whole myth of everything can go wrong and still end perfectly. Don't think I'm against happy endings and fairytale romances. I love the new Cinderella movie. I just get angry when Hollywood shows a movie with a ton of unhealthy relationship behavior then slaps on a nice monologue that teaches some lesson and says now everything's perfect. Have you ever had a similar reaction to romantic movies?


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  • You really misinterpreted Breakfast at Tiffany's. They're not supposed to live happily ever after, and they probably don't. Holly and Fred are both too selfish to ever be able to make each other happy long term. They're together for now, but they most definitely didn't get married and have children and move to the suburbs.

    Furthermore, in the novella, Fred is gay and Holly dies.

    • I figured Capoté's version would be better. Thanks for this I hate the movie a little less now.

    • He originally wanted Marilyn Monroe for Holly (who was based on his mother) but her management team wouldn't let her do it because the character is a high end prostitute.

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  • Oh yes i trust me almost every time i'm sitting there yelling OH COME ON DON'T DO THAT! Thing is that's what makes a movie good. If it touches you that deep it means you can relate to any of it. Hell i was pissed a lot of times because they ended a movie on a way i didn't like it. Thing is that was done perfectly just because i got pissed.

    in my opinion this makes the difference between good and less good movies :)!

    • I don't know. I like when movies end in a way I don't like or expect but I hate it when they end in a way that I don't respect. Like if I feel like the movies ending sucked due to poor writing I'm not being effected by the story just the execution. It's like going to a play where the actors repeatedly forget thier lines. Was it good cause it made me angry or was it just bad?

    • Yes but that's exactly what i mean. If it ends like you feel it was written bad he still did his thing correct. Making you angry. And i know that you think "No, it's just terrible writing" but some how for the director it was not. And for me a good movie makes me feel all kind of emotions. A bad ending ( even because of bad writing ) makes me feel a emotion which makes it okay for me if the director thought it should end that way.

      But yes i have to admit, some movies are simply just terrible! But for me a movie is only terrible if the "in-between" was terrible as well.

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  • Yes omg I don't know if this would be classified as romantic but " 50 shades of grey" omg that movie pisses my soul off

  • If they're too unrealistic or cheesy, I just don't like them. But I never really feel anger.

  • Yes. All the time... In fact i feel like punching the main characters in the face... Weaklings!

    • Yes this is exactly how I feel!

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