Which actor is more popular in the world?

  • Leonardo dicaprio
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  • Johnny depp
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  • Tom cruise
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  • Tom hanks
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  • Shahrukh khan
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  • Brad Pitt
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  • Aamir khan
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  • I'd have to say Leo, in the last few years he has had some amazing roles and I think he's done so well to escape the trap he was in danger of falling into, the teen heart throb whose career dies once his boyish looks leave. He's just improved so much with age and he takes some really heavy roles on.

    Depp has almost become a caricature of himself now, I've been very disappointed with his more recent roles. Same goes for Brad Pitt.


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  • Obviously a Hollywood one lol why did you even put the Indian ones that's like naming Lee Jong-Suk 😅

    • "Most popular actors in the world" google it and look at resultsç

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    • Shit list do you think is emma watson more popular than leonardo dicaprio? You don't but India, China, Russia, Africa, and some of Europe countries watch. And it means half of the world lol.

    • Yeah as a European who's actually been to Australia, America & Asia I can promise that most people still don't though..

  • Well, I come from a Small unknown country and I think it would be either George Clooney, Tom Cruize or Brad Pitt

  • Hmm I don't know, I voted for Johnny Depp.

  • I don't know

    Jacky Chan? Or something

  • I'm not even indian but I want to say Shahrukh.


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