Have you ever Cheated or used Cheating Hacks/Modifications in ANY video game online before?


I meant specifically multiplayer online type of games. Doesn't really matter if it was on consoles or PCs, etc.

If so, why did you do it for?

I think I had done this way way back one time when I was back in high school. It's been so long. My motive was to see if it was even legit and for real, forgot what game it was but it was for the PC. Once I realized it work I trolled other players quite a bit and laughed so hard about it but then I had stopped because it just wasn't worth it anymore and because I did not have time anymore to play video games.
  • Trolling, because it was fun and I enjoyed annoying and pissing off other players.
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  • Revenge, somebody had hacked and use cheats to mess my game up therefore I had to get some payback
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  • I suck at the game I play, hated getting beat constantly over and over and/or got dissed repeatedly by other players for it
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  • Testing/Identifying/Reporting them, all just to see if the Cheats or Hacks are even for real
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  • Experience Level Assessment Tool, I use them like training wheels to see what level and where I am at currently first and then I stop
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  • Some other reason you want to tell me about. Or a combination of reasons above.
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Just use the last option for if you had never cheated or use any kind of hacks before in any online multiplayer game or even if you had wanted to attempt or try but had Never Actually done so.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Played plenty of online games with mods and hacks. Particularly:

    Team Fortress Classic
    Neverwinter Nights

    Never cheated in them though.

    • Now that you mentioned AvP2, I know that game was loaded with shit tons of cheaters and hackers, I'm pretty sure majority that did it was there to Troll and fuck with everyone they could rather than just because they want to be able to "win" a few matches.

      I know because I had played a few multiplayer online games and the hacking and cheats abuse was unbelievable.

      The game was already a mess and broken as fuck with so many balance issues that still had not been addressed and as well as in-game exploits that were easily abused since they were never bothered to be properly patched and support dropped.

      An adding the opportunities to plentiful of hackers+cheaters just made me said OK... I'm done with all of this BullShit, gonna go back to playing ONLY Single Player until I find a different game to play that is well supported and is less susceptible to easy trolling opportunities.

      This was possible back then since there was no Valve's Anti-Cheat implemented to prevent such abuse.

    • With AvP2 I used to play with a big group of people, on our own server (which ran the Projam mod among others). While many of the servers went to hell there were never too many cheater on our little corner.

    • Gotta say though. Generally been more of a single player guy myself... as you may have noticed by the above titles all being rather old. I prefer a bit of narrative, roleplay and immersion in my gaming.

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  • I used to hack in StarCraft brood war, it was hilarious for all the reasons you mentioned.

  • Where's the "I don't cheat" option?

    • The last one should count since I messed up and forgot to add Never tried/Or Wanted to Try but had Never Done it.

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