Is there any celebrity others find unattractive but you find good looking?

People often ask if there's a celebrity others find beautiful but you disagree and don't find them attractive.

Are there any celebrities though that others usually mock or consider ugly, but you think are attractive?

I have weird tastes. Let's put that out there first lol

I've always found Q from Impractical Jokers to be good looking. And on the show, they always rag on him for being ugly. Even the strangers they prank on say it and I'm like "whaaaaat?" He seems funny. Kinda quirky, I find his speech impediment stutter to be a bit cute, and HE LIKES CATS! Big bonus points in my book for people who like cats lol
Steve Buscemi. In his younger days at least.
And the guy who plays Alan Harper on 2 and A Half Men. But then his personality in the show ruined it for me lol

Those are mine, so what about y'all?

This is my boo thang, Q lol jkIs there any celebrity others find unattractive but you find good looking?


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  • This might sound strange, but Julia Roberts. Now many guys found her attractive in her youth, but NOT ONE OF MY FRIENDS WAS AMONG THEM. Absolutely not a single friend of mine found her remotely attractive. They often teased me because I did.

    I think my tastes are fairly conventional. Someone on GAG teased me for finding Kyoka Suzuki attractive (Google her. She's in Men of Yamato, Second Virgin, and this silly Japanese remake of Sideways ).

    by the way, Steve Buscemi is an excellent choice for an unconventional celebrity crush. I like that he was a firefighter, I liked him in 28 days.


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  • I know a lot of people say Hozier looks like a homeless man or something, but I personally find him incredibly attractive.

  • Rupert Grint, he's the hottest man to me <3 (well.. I just love him)

    I prefer the small dude from ImJo.. Murr is cute lol


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