Any ideas how to still look pretty but unrecognizable at a masquerade ball?

I am going to a masquerade ball and there's a competition as to how unrecognizable you look... Any ideas what to do?


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  • Belle's androgyny idea is on point, and has the huge advantage of being inexpensive and relatively easy to do. Be the dude version of Purple T. You can get your clothes at a thrift store. Also, you can use ordinary makeup to create a very realistic five-o'clock shadow, if you don't want to do a full fake 'stache or beard. You will rock that thing, T.

    You could also go as Santa. Ho ho ho!!!

    Good luck.

    • Thanks! That is absolutely on my list now. :)
      It will be amazing

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  • Wear a wig, wear a paper bag that says I AM NOT PURPLE T, become androgynous, investigate prosthetic makeup, do one of those scary full face make up looks, or maybe the multiple feature thing where you have like 3 mouths and six eyes?


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  • Well u can try the British princess look from the 1600s something resembling pride prejudice and zombies


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  • rock up wearing something u wouldn't usually.
    say u don't wear much makeup, put a ton of it on, even behind the mask.
    do ur hair a completely different style, or wear a dress style that you've never worn before. that way people won't expect it's u.

    • Thank you! It's really funny, you actually described me right there, so it was very helpful

    • no worries :)
      hehe well damn I'm good! :P

  • Professional make-up Artist?


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